Getting Started with R Workshop


R is a free software environment and is one of the leading programming language in statistics and data science. Statisticians, analysts, scientists, and engineers use R language to help them to analyze, model and visualize large and complex datasets.  The number of R users has been growing rapidly and an increasing number of organizations are on the look out for promising employees with R skills. We provide onsite R Software Training Classes for specialized data science skills for organizations and researchers.

0830 - 1700

Level - Beginner



Getting Started with R

  • Work with R using the command-line and scripts
  • Manage and customize your R sessions
  • Access R help and documentation, Working in RStudio
  • Install new R functionality through add-on packages
  • Data structure in R
  • Import and export data
  • Examples of basic data analysis in R

Minimum with 15 participants


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