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Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Assessment


This assessment is conducted to evaluate the critical thinking and problem solving skills of a specific group of respondents.


In 2012, the thinking skills were being addressed in the Malaysian educational blueprint by the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE) due to the importance of critical thinking and problem-solving skills in the workplace (MOE, 2012). MOE specified the thinking skills in terms of three elements: creative thinking and innovation, problem-solving and reasoning, and learning capacity.
In support of this initiative, critical thinking and problem solving skills have been introduced as one of the graduate attributes in the university. In order to measure that this attribute has been successfully inculcated through the designed curriculum, specific assessment needs to be done.

Smart Entrepreneurship Training Program

Case Description

Empowering employees and managers in SMEs in Malaysia with statistical skills could be an advantage to help fuel the company’s growth. Other than import market, the SET module will also provide training to the SMEs in fostering and enabling business environment to grow and develop into export-ready firms. This training will strengthen the statistical skills of employees and managers in SMEs that can be used in making decision and setting realistic and measurable goals.


Accelerated growth is important for small medium sized enterprises (SME) in Malaysia to compete with their larger counterparts despite the changing world market. Currently, most manufacturing companies make their decisions and determine their products future plans based on the subjective and intuitive judgements. As a consequence, the future production plan will be unreliable and the stock supply will be under or over-estimated. One of the effective strategies for both management and employees to adopt, leading to greater productivity and profits is to have data-driven insights through statistical analysis.  In line with the Industrialized Fourth Revolution (IR 4.0), data analytics could provide a cost-effective snapshot of the industrial problem and a reasonably accurate solution from the analysis based on the abundant flood of available data that these companies themselves generated. Data analytics could be capitalized by small businesses or modern firm to transform their structure to meet the customer’s current demand.  In short, IR 4.0 help to boost the business performance through the product innovation that is proposed from capitalizing on data analytics. This would ensure that the SME will remain competitive in the digital business landscape era.


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Case Description

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Case Results

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Our Proofreader


Mohd Radzi Poh had his undergraduate degree from University of London, and masters from National  University of Singapore and University of Oxford. He had worked in various capacities in teaching, last as lecturer in Math in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. He is still working at UTM part-time, teaching various subjects of maths at undergraduate level. He has helped many postgraduates in their writings, including articles for journals and thesis. He helps them by improving their presentation, more than just grammar and spelling.